Jack Landau

September 2, 2021

-Blog TO


Protests erupted outside of Queen’s Park yesterday afternoon, with hundreds gathering in opposition to Doug Ford’s new vaccine passport announcement.

Their disdain for mainstream media was apparent from the get-go.

Crowds of angry anti-vaxxer and anti-mask groups then moved to a few other locations to loudly protest the move, further segregating these science-denying populations from everyday activities.

Perhaps the most troubling satellite protest occurred on hospital row, where exhausted healthcare workers had their long efforts trivialized instead of celebrated.

Signs with colourful language are typical of these protests, this one directed at the Prime Minister.

A disturbing pattern is emerging, with protesters once again seen making comparisons to Nazi racial laws as a means to justify their resistance to basic common sense.

Concerns were raised about the obstruction of University Avenue, a vital thoroughfare for ambulances making trips to and from the many hospitals on this stretch. And once again, police are under fire for their handling of the situation.

Police have yet to publicly share their thoughts on the vaccine passport announcement, though there are continued allegations on Twitter that a contingent of the force is anti-vax/mask/passport.

Another alarming video from the hospital row protest shows an unmasked unvaccinated protester reaching through a car to honk a stranger’s horn. Yikes. Hopefully, that car has a bottle of hand sanitizer in it.

Another protest broke out on Yonge Street, where crowds were spotted marching past Yonge-Dundas Square chanting “freedom,” carrying signs and banners.

With another 20 days before the vaccine passport mandate takes effect, we could be in store for a turbulent few weeks of further protests.