May 10, 2021



Speaking to Sky Australia political analyst Professor Joe Siracusa issued grave concerns over threats issued by China against Australia. Prof Siracusa was responding to an article in Chinese propaganda newspaper The Global Times which said China will launch “ballistic missiles” at Australia if they make “any incursion” towards Taiwan. China has made repeated threats of invasion to Taiwan in recent months as it ramps up its military and naval presence in the South China Sea.

Prof Siracusa said: “In yesterday’s Global Times they threatened Australia with intermediate-range ballistic missiles so some debris heading towards Darwin and Tindal and Sydney and maybe even Adelaide at the Edinburgh base.

“I mean the Chinese are very heavy-handed right now and I think it’s a good thing that we are pushing back on the debris.”

But he called on a global response to China’s growing aggression, he said: “But I would like to see a little bit more diplomatic push back right across the world.

“This is the last time to challenge the Chinese before push comes to shove so I think they would be very impressed if someone pushed back.”

The Australian political analyst continued saying: “It’s time to push back in all of these kinds of things.”

The article in question featured in the Global Times, which is considered the Chinese government’s mouthpiece, on Sunday and spelled out how China will respond with force to “retaliatory punishment over any incursion towards Taiwan”.

It went on to say: “The plan should include long-range missile strikes on the military facilities on Australian soil if it really sends its troops to china’s offshore areas and combats against the PLA.”

Prof Siracusa concluded: “I regard a threat like that as a very serious diplomatic error on their part.”

Chinese aggression has ramped up in recent months with the deployment of the country’s most up-to-date and largest assault ship, the Hainan, which was launched last month by President Xi Jinping and sent on operations in the South China Sea.

And yesterday reported how a massive cache of illicit Chinese and Russia weapons was discovered on a stateless dhow boat in the North Arabian Sea by US Navy vessel USS Monterey on May 6.

The illicit cargo of weaponry included dozens of advanced Russian-made anti-tank guided missiles, thousands of Chinese Type 56 assault rifles, and hundreds of PKM machine guns, sniper rifles, and rocket-propelled grenades launchers. Other weapons onboard the dhow included advanced optical sights for military use.

The US Navy is now trying to discover the original source of the weaponry and the intended destination of the cache and the cargo of weapons is now in US custody.

The news comes as on Sunday a Chinese document recovered by Sky News Australia claimed to show that the Chinese government conducted research into how to weaponise coronaviruses against their enemies – there is no suggestion the document is linked to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The sinister document titled ‘The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons’ is claimed to have been written over five years ago in 2015 by China’s People’s Liberation Army scientists and senior Chinese public health officials.

One disturbing section read: “Major impacts include enormous burden on healthcare system. Biological weapon attacks have a much-prolonged effect than conventional attacks like explosion. It may also carry highlight contagious diseases that can be transmitted through various means.”

It continued by saying: “Biological weapons will not only cause widespread morbidity and mass casualties but also induce formidable psychological pressure that could affect combat effectiveness.”