By Nick Arama

Published: June 19, 2021

-Red State


Remember when media, particularly CNN, told us that Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti were the heroes who were going to save America from that evil President Donald Trump?

Now, that was nonsense and political narrative, right out of the political gate. It was obvious to anyone with a brain that Avenatti was a grifter and was using Daniels for his own ends. Daniels (whose real name is Stephanie Clifford) thought he was going to get her money in a defamation lawsuit that had no basis against Trump. But, she ended up losing and being ordered to pay Trump’s lawyers’ fees. But CNN put these two on their air constantly, suggesting that somehow they were going to take down Trump.

Now, Avenatti is also throwing Daniels under the bus, basically calling her a liar in his own defense in a pre-trial court filing, questioning her “truthfulness, mental state and ability to competently testify.”

This is gold.

Since at least early 2019, when Mr. Avenatti terminated his representation of Ms. Clifford by letter (see Ex. G to Motion), and continuing to the present, Ms. Clifford has made any number of bizarre, fantastical claims that call into serious question her truthfulness, mental state, and ability to competently testify.

Among many other things, Ms. Clifford has claimed: (1) she “sees dead people” and can communicate with them; (2) she recently helped someone locate a body through her physic powers; (3) in early 2019, she became obsessed by spirits after moving into a “haunted house” in New Orleans; (4) the spirit that came to live inside of her caused her to physically cut on her own body in an apparent effort to harm herself; (5) the same spirit caused her to bleed profusely from the mouth, eyes and ears, but she did not seek any medical attention; (6) the house caused her then manager and live-in boyfriend, also an important witness in this case because he was privy to communications concerning the book deal, to become obsessed and physically attack Ms. Clifford and attempt to strangle her to death after his eyes turned entirely black; (7) she can turn lights on and off through her thoughts alone; (8) she can see inside structures like homes and apartments without ever setting foot inside; (9) her “energy” causes electronic devices to no longer work and the information on those devices to be deleted; (10) she is a “witch” who practices witchcraft and can rid people of spirits (a “service” for which she charges); and (11) she possesses supernatural powers that allow her to serve as a “medium” to the dead and conduct “paranormal investigations.” Ms. Clifford has consistently made these various claims during numerous audio and video interviews and on social media.


Meanwhile she’s accusing him of religious discrimination for pointing out her “witchcraft.”

So maybe the media — and especially CNN — would like to explain again why they pimped these characters? Remember, they single-handedly tried to construct Avenatti as a presidential candidate.

Who could ever forget how Brian Stelter claimed Avenatti had credibility, because he was on cable news (because they put him there)?

Ah, memories.