Reid Small

Published:February 22, 2022

-Western Standard


A Coastal GasLink (CGL) employee has told of his “terrifying” night he was attacked by axe-wielding eco-terrorists.

On February 17 attack, CGL security workers on the Morice River Forest Service Road near Houston, BC were rolled on by an organized masked group of people armed with weapons, including axes, who began setting fires and destroying property.

The indecent unfolded just after midnight and RCMP says the group of attackers was roughly 20.

“To have somebody come at you with an axe is, you know, a whole other level of fear,” said Trevor, who was positioned alone, in his truck, at a gate leading to the drill pad site.

“It’s very dark. We had a light tower there, so the area is lit up, but the area around it, the bush, is quite dark. I keep both windows rolled down, just a little bit, just so I can hear things … I could hear yelling all of a sudden.”

The camp is roughly 60 km from Houston, BC and is only accessible by vehicle from the service road, however, many forest paths intertwine among the surrounding, dense landscape.

Trevor could see what looked to him like fire and puffs of smoke down the road. As the shouting grew louder, he looked in the truck’s side mirror and saw multiple masked people coming up behind his vehicle.

“I heard smashes on the back tailgate and when I looked in my mirror I could see one of them was holding an axe … it was terrifying,” he said.

When Trevor radioed to other security personnel at the construction site he learned they were also under attack by another axe-wielding group.