Ryan White

Published: October 28, 2021



A Calgary-based company that rents out more than 1,500 suites in Alberta has expanded its vaccination policy beyond its employees and contractors, and now mandates the same for future tenants.

Strategic Group announced Thursday that all prospective tenants will be required to show proof of vaccination. Tenants were notified of the change in September.

“Our residents are telling us that they value knowing that all their neighbours are vaccinated—they feel even safer in their own homes,” said Strategic Group CEO Riaz Mamdani in a statement. “We have had no pushback from prospective residents when we ask for proof of vaccination prior to doing tours.

“Knowing they are walking into a community that cares about their health is (a) feature for them.”

The company says exemptions will be made for children 12 and under who are currently ineligible for vaccines.

Unvaccinated residents who currently reside in one of the company’s one or two-bedroom suites in Calgary or Edmonton will not be evicted based on their status and will be allowed to renew their leases, but they will not be permitted to access shared amenities including fitness facilities and party rooms.

“Vaccination of everyone in our community is the only way we are going to get through this pandemic and back to a sense of normalcy,” said Mamdani. “The safety of our team and our residents is a top priority, so ensuring full vaccination across the board is the least we can do.”

Strategic Group officials confirm to CTV News that unvaccinated tenants will still have access to hallways, lobbies, elevators, patios and other select shared spaces within the buildings and that all of the company’s staff members are fully vaccinated.

c. CTV