June 19, 2021



We’re told by the liberal elites that we are racists because we voted for President Trump.

We’re told that because we’re not progressive, we’re bigots…because only the Democrats know how to be diverse and inclusive people, right?

That’s what we’re told – day in and day out, over and over, like some kind of verbal waterboarding torture.

Yet, time and time again, we see these liberal elites behaving like racist hypocritical monsters.

And the recent banquet at Kamala’s house is a perfect example of that.

A savvy Trump supporter caught something very interesting at Kamala’s recent luncheon banquet she held at her house.

Look at that table filled with next-to-no diversity…however, don’t worry, Kamala did have diverse people at the banquet…They were the waiters, cooks, and servants.


Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“Imagine her cackling all night. Those poor lilly-white souls…” 

“We paid for this non diversified dinner”

“Just a reminder…she’s not black and her family owned slaves” 

“Elizabeth Warren is the quentissential Native American”

“also, absolutely nothing bigoted about completely excluding men from the guest list”

“Why did she not invite one black person from the Democrats side? I mean, there are lots of black women in the party. Almost like they wanted people to think that this is still the way people treat black people! No, it’s the way @VP treats black people. She is vile for doing this.”

“Elizabeth Warren is there tho she’s a POC you can tell by her cheek bones”

“Naturally. She’s a fraud. She cheated and she’s not even an American.”

“This pic is worth a thousand words!”

“Kamala is as phony as the election was” 

“the elites live by different rules than us peasants do” 

The elites did the same thing with COVID.

Rules for thee, but not for me…the only way we end this, is to vote these people out…and the only way we can do that, is to stop the Dems’ cheating.