By Thomas Lifson

September 15, 2021

-American Thinker


According to a Twitter feed from Leeroy Johnson, a group of MAGA and BLM activists joined together to demonstrate outside the Manhattan home of New York State Assembly member Linda Rosenthal, who is sponsoring a bill to make COVID vaccinations mandatory.  Johnson identified himself as an “independent photographer” and says he takes no sides.

Here is his tweet with film of the smallish demonstrations, followed by MAGA and BLM activists identifying themselves and speaking of their joint effort:

The suspicion many African-Americans have toward the medical establishment has strong roots in the Tuskegee medical experiment atrocity, in which African Americans were left untreated so disease progress could be studied — in essence dehumanizing them and treating them as lab animals.

The largest single demographic group remaining unvaccinated is Blacks, raising all kinds of hell with plans to force the jab on everyone, given the Democrats’ fealty to the doctrine of disparate impact, making anything that adversely impacts Backs more than other groups automatically racist.

Mandatory vaccination is a gut-level issue for many who resist the pressure.  If this film is real, and BLMers are willing to join with MAGA types, it suggests that the Dems’ hold on the Black vote may crumble.  It is not just that 20, 30, or 40 percent of African-Americans might be tempted to vote against them; it is that they may discourage turnout among others.  If Black turnout plunges and their share of the remaining Black vote goes much below 15%, it could impact races at the state level in many parts of the country.

I don’t think there is much that Dems can do to assuage the suspicions of many Blacks, rooted as they are in bitter history.  But they have also committed themselves to forcing vaxes on the public — and demonizing Republicans, Trump voters, and Fox News viewers.  If they keep on pushing that line, they risk driving some African-Americans toward checking out the very groups the Dems want to demonize.