May 3, 2021

-Global News


First responders showed up to a Gettysburg address in Pennsylvania last week to save a man from a very uncivil predicament after a tree fell and trapped him inside a portable toilet.

High winds knocked the tree down on Friday afternoon, toppling it onto a porta potty at the Little Round Top battlefield in Gettysburg National Military Park, the York Daily Record reports.
A man had stopped off to relieve himself in the portable toilet a few moments earlier, and the tree ended up hitting his nearby van and the toilet while he was inside.
It’s unclear who called the authorities, but rescue crews showed up shortly after the tree fell.

Fire crews treated it like a car entrapment situation, according to Assistant Chief Joe Robinson of the Barlow Volunteer Fire Department. They used a chainsaw to clear away the tree branches, then sliced their way into the portable toilet until they could pull the trapped man out.

He was taken to hospital for evaluation after the incident, the fire department said.

It’s not clear if the man suffered any physical injuries, but he will almost certainly carry some emotional scars from the episode, which made him the first prisoner on the battlefield in over 150 years — and perhaps the first one ever captured by a tree inside a portable toilet.