March 9, 2022

-The Blaze



According to an interview, after his termination last month as a legislative correspondent in Democratic California Senator Diane Feinstein’s office, Jamarcus Purley didn’t go quietly. He instead chose to get high on shrooms, walk into Feinstein’s office, and film himself smoking a joint while jamming out to DeBarge’s “I Like It.”

Purley sat at a desk wearing a full suit in the video recently posted to YouTube. He proceeded to light up a joint and blow smoke around for a bit. After removing his jacket and tie, Purley showed off his moves as he made his way around Feinstein’s office, and yes, he almost fell twice.

According to the interview, the official reason for Purley’s termination was based on “performance issues.” Still, Purley claims it was due to how outspoken he was about Feinstein not caring about black people on a team call on January 24, 2022.

“You gotta be f***king kidding me. I’ve been working here five years; the Senator has never walked by my desk. That’s why every black and brown person is leaving this office,” Purley reportedly said on the call. “That’s when I told them: ‘The Senator cares more about her dog than black people.'”

On February 8, 2022, Purley received his termination letter from Feinstein, which prompted Purley to post and promote said letter to Instagram. After it reached just over 7,000 users, however, Purley said Instagram shut down the promotion.

This defeat became the catalyst for his next act: Taking shrooms and making his way back into Feinstein’s office with a vengeance for his solo debut as the scorned ex-staffer.

The full impact of this psychedelic-fueled rebellious act has yet to be determined, as no one in Feinstein’s office has made an official comment. (It’s hard not to laugh imagining Feinstein’s reaction to the video, though!) And while Purley’s song choice was top-notch, the real question remains: Would you hire him?