By Stephen Sorace

november 14, 2021

-Fox News


Human body parts discovered floating in a Florida bay last week prompted police to launch a death investigation and ask the public for help in identifying the victim from a tattoo just under their lower right calf.

The first body part was discovered on Thursday in McKay Bay in Tampa when a fisherman thought he spotted a fish.

“I was putting out my lines getting ready to go fishing and all of the sudden I see this lump, what looked like a catfish, start floating by and as it gets closer to me I start realizing it looks more like a human leg,” the angler told FOX13 Tampa on Friday.

Police said a tattoo on a lower right calf shows three red hearts that each have a light blue ribbon emblazoned with the names Sean, Greg and Zach.

Additional human body parts were discovered just before noon on Friday, the Tampa Bay Times reported, citing a police news release, which did not detail what type of body parts were found.

Investigators have yet to determine whether the body parts belong to a single person or to whom they belong. No cause of death has been determined.

Authorities asked anyone with information about the tattoo or the recovered limbs to contact Tampa police.

“If you saw anything that you thought was suspicious in and around this area, we’d like for someone to call us,” interim Tampa police Chief Ruben Delgado said at a news conference Friday evening. “Come forward and give us any bit of information you have.”

Delgado said the death investigation is ongoing.