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A grandmother and family advocate identified 161 books available on Amazon that attempt to indoctrinate children and their parents into a new normal of lockdowns, face masks, social distancing, and virtual replacements for standard child activities like birthday parties and schools. But that’s not even the worst part. What makes it more discouraging is that the list is not exhaustive; she had to force herself to stop because they just kept popping up.

On Deborah DeGroff’s website What’s In Children’s Books, an article titled Sweet Dreams, Sally explains the process she went through in compiling the list and the shocking ideology being spread to children and parents through them.

Young children are apparently the main target audience used to create societal changes. Books play an important role in these transformations.

In the olden days—or in the days some may now refer to as the golden days—adults read books to their children such as Pat the Bunny, by Dorothy Kunhardt, books written and/or illustrated by Robert McCloskey, and Little Golden Books with precious illustrations by Eloise Wilkin, for example.

Now, a simple Amazon search can bring up hundreds of books for preschoolers concerning gender uncertainties, social justice, critical race theory, and COVID-19.

Books for preschoolers are usually quite short with appealing illustrations. These tots often request that these books be read over and over and over. Being a grandmother, I have read Pat the Bunny so many times that if I hear the words “scratchy face,” my mind immediately jumps to Daddy’s scratchy face in Kunhardt’s delightful book.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, Brave Girl: Clara and the Shirtwaist Makers’ Strike of 1909, is for children from 4-8. What image are you leaving with young children when you read that the police arrested Clara seventeen times and broke six of her ribs? And what is your little girl supposed to think when you read to her that she might be a boy? Or that instead of playing with toys or exploring the great outdoors, your kids should be getting petitions signed, making banners and posters, and marching against….something.

And now… the virus, the pandemic, the masks, social distancing, quarantining, and everything that stems from this. Are there books to “help” children understand all these things?

I have prepared a chart listing books found on Amazon for little kids concerning this topic. I have included the dates the books were published, number of pages, and Amazon review scores. Reviews may differ between hardback, paperback, or Kindle editions. Additionally, the numbers could have changed since I made this chart. 4.2/93, for example, means that there are 93 reviews with an average of 4.2 stars out of a possible 5. NL means “Not Listed.”

Unfortunately, this list is not exhaustive. I just made a decision to STOP!

It has long been assumed by lockdown opponents that normalizing pandemic protocols was always part of the plan. The notion of “15 days to slow the spread” was quickly changed to “reopen by Easter.” When that holiday came and went without government relinquishing control over our God-given rights, protests started popping up around the nation. Unfortunately, these protests weren’t very effective as far too many patriots stayed home and waited out the lockdowns.

Many of us are still waiting.

What’s not covered nearly enough is the fact that early development of habits is essentially for creating adults who are functional in society. Hundreds if not thousands of studies have been done that demonstrate the necessity of personal interaction, outdoor play time, and in-person learning. Are we building a near-future society of dysfunctional people who are no longer familiar with life outside of lockdowns? Yes. The real question is whether or not this is all part of a nefarious plan.

Parents attempting to cope with this new normal that’s being imposed on us will often turn to children’s books for help with making their children understand what’s happening. It’s a great practice, but we must be selective with what messages our children are ingesting through these books. Making them believe that lockdowns and face masks are acceptable in perpetuity will not prepare them for a world beyond the pandemic. And that may be the point.

Here’s the list compiled by DeGroff.

The targeting of kids is intended to make them accept the reality of a locked down planet. It’s necessary for The Great Reset to move forward. They can’t have kids or young adults revolting against the plan in the future.