By Western Standard

November 18, 2021

-Western Standard


A former green group — that once included Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault as a director — wants the Liberals to put a $4,000 tax on SUVs, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

The levy should apply to all makes and models of passenger vehicles with internal combustion engines, the Green Budget Coalition said.

“Minister Guilbeault himself was directly involved with the Green Budget Coalition at one point in his career,” said David Browne, co-chair of the Coalition.

“He understands. Certainly with his background, he knows the people involved.”

The Coalition in its Recommendations For Budget 2022 advocated a $4,000 tax on gasoline, diesel and propane-fueled vehicles.

“An expanded environmental fee on sales of internal combustion engine vehicles must be more than symbolic,” wrote the Coalition.

“Analysis suggests an emissions-based fee structure with a maximum fee of $4,000 could finance zero emission vehicle purchase incentives of up to $15,000,” triple the current $5,000 federal rebate for buyers of new electric cars. These fees and rebates should be incrementally adjusted over time.”

Parliament in 2007 introduced a minimum $1,000 Green Levy on the worst fuel-inefficient vehicles, typically large and costly luxury models like Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Mercedes-Benz sedans and all models of Rolls-Royce cars. Pickup trucks and most passenger vehicles were exempt.

“The country has the dirtiest vehicles largely due to the popularity of SUVs and other light-duty trucks which represented 80% of new passenger vehicle sales in 2020,” wrote analysts.

“Achieving the new target and reducing carbon emissions from the transportation sector will require a combination of measures to rapidly boost both demand and supply.

“To both increase the effectiveness and reduce the costs of the federal government’s existing zero emission and Green Levy programs, the Green Budget Coalition recommends introducing an environmental fee negatively correlated with a vehicle’s fuel efficiency on sales of all internal combustion engine vehicles phased in over time.”

Browne said while the environment minister appeared sympathetic to its recommendations, the group had no expectation of speedier adoption of its proposals.

“Just because he had been an advocate for XYZ, do we have expectations? Not at all,” said Browne.