Jared Harris

Published:June 13, 2021

-The Western Journal


A convoy loaded down with more than seven million rounds of ammunition has been hijacked while on route from Mexico to Texas.

While the trucks were found abandoned only a few miles from the ambush site on the southern side of the border, every piece of ammo is now missing.

Officials do not know who was behind the ambush on Wednesday, but in a country awash with cartel violence the list of suspects is seemingly limited to those involved with the narco networks.

According to Milenio, the hijacking took place in the violent state of Guanajuato.

As the convoy rolled through the town of Cabana del Rey early Wednesday morning, remote operators noticed the GPS signals of the transport trucks and their security escorts went dark.

Because of the nature of the convoy’s cargo, the Mexican Army immediately set out on an intercept course.

While the soldiers were not able to locate or engage the gunmen, they did find the trailers which originally held the massive cache of ammunition. The containers were discovered to be completely empty.

Thankfully, nobody was injured in the ambush.

Considering the violent nature of similar encounters, these drivers were lucky to escape with their lives.

It’s no secret that the cartels have grown stronger in recent years, arming themselves with precision weapons, armor and tactical gear. The armament of some groups is so powerful that they are now able to directly challenge Mexican forces.

While some of this gear was likely purchased with the groups’ ill-gotten gains, it’s equally likely that this equipment was pried off dead police officers and Mexican federal troops.

Below is a clip of a Jalisco New Generation Cartel special operations group, apparently equipped and ready to deal death and destruction in the most brutally effective manner possible.

Many of the rounds stolen were the comparatively weak, but still deadly .22 caliber. Other types of ammunition now missing include 7.62 NATO, .45, and several other pistols and shotgun rounds.

Considering FBI Director Christopher Wray recently warned about cartel violence spilling over into the United States, the seven million round imbalance is sure to only worsen the problem and keep Americans scrambling for scarce ammunition.

If this problem continues, American citizens may soon find themselves in the dire position of being outgunned by organized criminals from south of the border.