Published:November 16, 2021

-The Hill


The Idaho state House passed a bill to provide compensation to workers if they get sick from an employer-mandated vaccine.

The bill was passed in a bipartisan 67-3 vote, The Associated Press reported. Those against the bill said workers are already compensated if they get ill from a vaccine.

The bill comes as COVID-19 vaccine mandates have become more popular around the country with state and local governments and private businesses.

The Idaho Senate and House both declared opposition to President Biden’s vaccine-or-test mandate for employers with more than 100 employees on Tuesday in a voice vote.

The bill was one of seven related to the coronavirus pandemic that were passed on Tuesday, according to the AP.

In a 46-24 vote, a bill banning businesses from questioning the religious sincerity of someone asking for a religious exemption for vaccinations was passed.

A 42-28 vote sent another bill to the Senate that would ban mask mandates in school, a move that was been heavily contested in other areas of the country.

Three other bills passed added exemptions for vaccine requirements from employers that include medical, religious and natural immunity exemptions; banned proof of vaccination to enter state-owned businesses; and banned employers from asking for proof of a COVID-19 vaccination, the AP noted

All these bills will be sent to the state’s Senate for debate.