Brad Hunter

October 19, 2021

-Toronto Sun


A 300-pound Russian killer would “fall asleep, snoring” on the bodies of his victims after sexually attacking them.

Pavel Shuvalov, 52, has been convicted and caged until the year 2045.

According to cops, the respected family man and heavy equipment operator was leading a double life. Once the sun went down, Shuvalov took up his role as a sex maniac and is responsible for more than 60 rapes.

A court in Irkutsk was told that the corpulent creep murdered two of his victims in a reign of terror that began in 1992. His victims were between the ages of 13 and 40.

Police investigator Evgeny Karchevsky said one of Shuvalov’s traits, or “characteristic features of his crimes,” was falling asleep after raping his victims. His girth would pin the women down.

“Very often, immediately after the rape, the maniac fell asleep right on top of the victim,” Karchevsky told reporters. “The victims say that with his huge weight, he simply enveloped the woman lying under him and began to snore.“It was impossible to break free from under this bulk.”

Valentina Danilova and her cousin were victims of Shuvalov.

“He attacked me and my cousin from behind, with a knife. It was over 17 years ago, but I still remember everything so clearly,” Danilova testified. “At first I tried to escape, but cut myself on a knife, blood flowed down my clothes and leg. I realized that it was too dangerous, and I stopped trying to run.”

She said that the sex fiend took the terrified women to a hospital building site and tormented them as he prepared to commit his vile deeds.

“I managed to escape to get help when he fell asleep on top of my cousin,” she said.

One victim said Shuvalov — who stunk of diesel fuel — should be castrated.

“Give him to me now and I would castrate him myself. Honestly, my hands won’t shake,” the unidentified woman said.

Shuvalov was convicted for double murder and two specimen charges of rape, and sentenced to 24 years in jail.