Sangeeta Yadev

January 7, 2022



The word Kovid means scholar or learned and has been derived from the Hindu devotional hymn “Hanuman Chalisa” dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who is worshiped widely across India.

“My name is Kovid and I’m not a virus”, reads the Twitter bio of Kovid Kapoor, an Indian entrepreneur and co-founder of Holidify, who has become the butt of jokes as netizens can’t get enough of his name and are flooding social media with hilarious memes and comic punches.

Kovid was just another name until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, changing everything for him as he became the talk of the town was made to feel like a “mini-celebrity”.

In a tweet thread that went viral, Kovid shared hilarious encounters and experiences linked to his name.

From his friends cracking jokes over Kovid turning 30 on his birthday, to Kovid ordering Corona beer to Kovid leaving everyone cracked up at the Starbucks, he shared that whatever he did, and wherever he went, he became a laughing stock because of his name.

Netizens also gave hilarious twists to Kovid’s name and flooded social media with comic one-liners and punches.

One user commented, “Hey Kovid, stay positive”. Another commented that Kovid going viral is one of the funniest and most positive things of this year so far.