November 16, 2021

-PJ Media


Insanity Wrap remembers — this is pre-smartphones, my children — when the best use for a cocktail napkin was collecting some nice (or not-so-nice!) young lady’s phone number.

The next day, we would pry the crumpled mass out of our pocket and hope that the number hadn’t gotten too smudged with beer/bourbon/tequila to read.

And the name! If the name was illegible there were going to be a few awkward moments in that phone call.

“Hello… Rebecca? Melissa? Mulva?”

Things can get pretty complicated when a napkin is your primary means of data collection and storage.

But that won’t stop the wise people in charge of Washington State elections from accepting a napkin — yes, a napkin — as a legal ballot.

The Post Millennial reports that “Interesting voter protocols came to light during a recent election review training in Seattle.”

An individual getting trained asked the official a question which exposed questionable Washington state voting laws.

In regards to the example of the newspaper clipping under review, the individual asked the official with King County Elections:

“So, even if someone took a napkin and wrote the office, the race, and their selection, that would be enough?”

The official replied, “That would be enough and we would count that as a vote.”

Maybe it’s time to ask, “Is there anything under Washington State law that can’t be considered a legal ballot, and if not, why?”

Another question to ask is: “How bad are things for Democrats, really, when they have to enable this level of election fraud… in Seattle?”