June 20, 2022



WASHINGTON, DC – On a June 18th appearance on Breitbart News Saturday, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz detailed what he called a “bizarre” acquisition of approximately $700,000 worth of ammunition by the IRS that occurred between March and June 1st of 2022.

During Rep. Gaetz’s appearance on the newscast, an unusual development was discussed involving the IRS and the entity’s recent purchases of ammunition, which has left Republicans in the Senate scratching their heads as to what the modus operandi may be.

“This is so bizarre to me, but yeah, just between March and June 1st, they spent about $700,000 purchasing ammunition at the IRS. The IRS should be people in cubicles with green shades and calculators. They shouldn’t be people with guns and ammo.”

The Breitbart News Saturday host briefly interjected, mentioning that he can’t figure out exactly why the IRS would need this amount of ammunition. The Florida congressman concurred that the IRS’s need for ammunition of this scale is befuddling but shared a possible theory on why the entity might be amassing such a considerable amount of ammunition as of late.

“I don’t either. We’re asking questions about it, and frankly, there is concern that this is part of a broader effort to have an entity in the federal government buy up ammo to reduce the amount of ammunition that is in supply while at the same time making it harder to produce ammo.

“So that the citizenry wouldn’t be able…you cannot fully utilize the compliment of your Second Amendment rights if you are unable to acquire ammunition in your own country because your government has reduced the production of that ammunition and on the other hand tried to soak up the supply of it.”