By Cristina Laila

Published:January 5, 2022

-The Gateway Pundit


Horn Lake – A federal judge on Tuesday ordered a small Mississippi city to allow construction of a giant mosque with minarets.

The judge also ordered the city of Horn Lake, a small town of only 27,000 people, to pay the mosque builders $25,000 plus attorney’s fees.

The ACLU filed a lawsuit in November after the city denied zoning approval for the gigantic mosque being proposed to accommodate only 15 Muslim families living in the area.

One alderman also expressed concern, claiming the plaintiffs’ “religion says they can lie or do anything to the Jews or gentiles because we’re not Muslims.”

WATN reported:

A Federal judge has ordered Horn Lake officials to approve plans for a mosque to be built in the city.

According to a consent decree issued Monday, January 3, 2022, by Judge Michael P. Mills of the Northern District of Mississippi, Horn Lake’s denial of zoning approval for the Abraham House of God mosque violated the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act and the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause.

Under the terms of the consent decree issued Monday night by the court, Horn Lake and other defendants agreed to approve plans to permit construction of the mosque, which will the ACLU said will be the first ever in DeSoto County, Mississippi. The decree also said the city must act quickly in the future to address building-related matters like permitting. The defendants must also pay $25,000 for expenses related to appealing the denial, and pay for attorney fees and costs.

ACLU Mississippi celebrated.