September 21, 2021

-Western Standard


A vice-president of the UCP party says Premier Jason Kenney should resign immediately.

Joel Mullan, the vice-president (policy) of the UCP, had called for an early leadership review, but now says Kenney should go immediately.

“Until last week, I was one of Jason Kenney’s most vocal supporters. I campaigned for him in both leadership races and the Wildrose-PC unity vote,” said Mullan in a letter provided exclusively to the Western Standard.

“In light of the choices he has made last week I can no longer support him, and indeed believe he must resign.

Calling Kenney’s communications “disastrous,” Mullan said the premier’s planning in the pandemic is without a clear vision or flexibility.

“Time and again he appears unwilling to plan for more than one possibility with the virus,” he said.

“There is no measured approach with communications that attempts to manage expectations and which recognizes the virus may not do what we expect. Instead, he has chosen to paint himself into a corner on several occasions where the only way out is to make a liar out of himself. “

Mullan said one of the glaring examples of a Kenney misstep was when he said the “province was open for good, swear to God.”

“Unless he was prepared to stick to his guns no matter what happened, why would he make such a definitive statement, especially in light of the ever-changing nature of our public health situation? ” he asked.

“His complete reversal on vaccine passports is perhaps the worst of all the flip-flops. Not only did Kenney vow that he would never impose or allow them — insisting they would be illegal — but went so far as to fundraise from our UCP members over the issue.”

Mullan said another huge problem has been the communications from Kenney’s team.

“The rigidity of communications — speaking in absolutes — in the face of a dynamic and changing situation has been utterly foolish and has led to a loss in confidence amongst the public. It indicates a response that is entirely reactive and not even close to being in control of the situation.”

Kenney’s unpopularity may be a factor in the October referendum on Equalization in Alberta, said Mullan.

“His deep unpopularity played a role in the defeat of several Conservative candidates in last night’s federal election, and it is entirely possible many Albertans who otherwise oppose equalization, will vote against the referendum question in an effort to send him a message.

“Having listened to our party’s membership over the last several months, I believe the will of the membership is clear: it is time for Jason Kenney to go,” continued Mullan.