Joseph Ruttle

Published:February 9, 2022

-Vancouver Sun

Kid Carson and Z95.3 FM have parted ways after the radio host went on a conspiracy-laced tirade about vaccine mandates on his Wednesday morning show, during which Carson said the media are manipulating the public about the pandemic and claimed a “digital ID” would control children’s lives.

Carson admitted during the segment he had been having a hard time at the station because he felt he was on tenterhooks with his bosses, ever since he went public six months ago with his opposition to vaccine passports.

“I host a radio show. I’m expected to talk about all sorts of things,” he said Wednesday morning. “But it seems like I’m expected not to talk about all the things that matter. And it’s especially hard with the thing that’s happening in Ottawa.”

He said he felt he was unable to speak his mind about what he sees as the politicization of the pandemic and a lack of respect for alternative views around vaccine mandates.

“This radio show sucks without another point of view. The whole media landscape sucks without another point of view.”

Carson claimed there is “a lot of manipulation taking place” in the media aimed at demonizing movements like the anti-mandate truck convoy.

“If you think the trucker convoy in Ottawa is a racist movement, you’ve been tricked. You’ve been fooled.

“We need to realize it takes real eyes to recognize real lies,” he said. “This isn’t about race or health or Nazi flags or masks.

“It’s about trying to keep our children off a digital ID that will control every aspect of their lives, that can be switched off at any time.”

Some people called into the show after the rant and said he was a “hero” for speaking out, but obviously the bosses at Stingray Radio, the company that owns Z95.3 FM, disagreed.

The station issued a statement on Wednesday confirming ‘a mutual decision’ was made to part ways.

“After today’s show, we reached a mutual decision to part ways. Kid has some very strong views on a number of polarizing topics. While we respect his right to have and express those views, they do not represent what z95.3 is all about,” it read, in part.

Carson said during the morning show his contract is about to come up and pointed listeners to his podcast.