Shane Trejo

May 26, 2021

-Big League Politics


Two black vandals who were too stupid to know how to properly draw a swastika turned out to be hate hoaxsters perpetrating another blood libel against white people.

The two vandals repeatedly targeted a black-owned auto repair shop in Spring Lake, N.C. and were exposed after he installed security cameras:

Black business owner Dwyane Haynesworth has had to deal with repeated instances of robbery and vandalism for over a month shortly after opening his new business. One vehicle was even stolen off of his property. He was perplexed as to why he was targeted.

“I’m not bothering anybody. I’m just out here trying to do business. I don’t know anybody around here,” Haynesworth said to reporters.

Big League Politics has reported on the explosion of the hate hoax industry as minorities cash out on the pathological white guilt cult perpetuated by godless subhuman leftists:

“Students at Michigan liberal arts institution Albion College protested for a third straight day over racist graffiti, even after it was revealed to be a hate hoax…

The Albion Department of Public Safety reported that a 21-year-old black male was brought in for questioning, and he confessed to writing the graffiti. The messages included several racist slurs and references to the Ku Klux Klan…

In their response to the situation, Albion College failed to mention that it was a hate hoax in order to obscure the truth so the snowflakes on campus do not get triggered…

The race hucksters who used the issue to push their social justice agenda are not likely to acknowledge that this instance was yet another hate hoax.

“Students have been dealing with issues like COVID-19, locked in their dorms and now they have to deal with racial graffiti. It is not acceptable in this community. And we are here to stand with this community and the community of Albion College,” said Robert Dunklin, who works as NAACP branch president of Albion. “Whoever it is, they’re best to come forward or get out of town.”

“To the Albion NAACP, we stand with you. To the Albion citizens and community, we stand with you as well,” said Yvonne White, president of the Michigan State Conference of the NAACP. “We will fight until we win.”

Leftists have weaponized certain low IQ segments of the population in order to destroy civilization. It is hard to picture how this process can be reversed at this point. The United States of Somalia seems like it is an inevitability on the current path.