Randy Richmond

March 2, 2022

-Toronto Sun


The head of a London hospital’s long-term care centre is no longer on the job, after a man by the same name donated to the so-called freedom convoy that occupied Ottawa.

Andrew Adamyk, executive director of the Mount Hope Centre for Long-term Care, is no longer with St. Joseph’s Health Care London that runs the 394-bed facility, a spokesperson confirmed Tuesday.

The departure comes after a man named Andrew Adamyk of London, Ont., donated $100 to the so-called Freedom Convoy on Feb. 7, according to a list of donors from the hacked GiveSendGo fundraising site.

The departure also comes after a provincial inspection found problems with PPE use and infection control training at Mount Hope, although hospital officials said the facility has been compliant with and at times has “gone above and beyond” provincial measures during the pandemic.

It’s not clear whether the two Adam Adamyks are one and the same, and hospital officials are not disclosing why the head of Mount Hope is gone.

“We have not seen the list of donors to the Freedom Convoy, nor are we actively looking at any donation list,” a statement from St. Joseph’s Health Care said in response to questions from The Free Press.

However, the statement continued:

“At all times, St. Joseph’s staff and physicians are required to comply with our policies and processes while at work, as well as directives set by the province and professional practice standards of regulatory bodies. In addition, there is an expectation that those working at St. Joseph’s embody the values of our organization while representing us in a professional capacity.”

The donation to the convoy was made the day after Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency in the nation’s capital that “reflects the serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents posed by the ongoing demonstrations.”

The donation was accompanied by the message, “God bless them and keep up the good fight.”

The convoy ostensibly began as a protest against vaccine mandates, masking, lockdowns and other health-care measures designed to prevent the spread and lessen impact of COVID-19. Several white supremacist groups and conspiracy theorists also joined the protest, calling for the overthrow of the federal government.

Overseeing Mount Hope during the pandemic, Adamyk earned just over $100,000 in 2019 and $127,000 in 2020, according to Ontario’s Sunshine List

A recent inspection of Mount Hope by the province found “widespread” non-compliance by staff in the proper use of PPE and hand hygiene. Inspectors from the Ministry of Long-Term Care also observed staff not practising safe distancing while leaving and entering the building.

The ministry’s report, based on visits in January and dated Feb. 16, also said most staff had not completed the required infection prevention and control training.

“Mount Hope has implemented all ministry directives and in many cases have gone above and beyond what is required. We have made every effort to ensure our staff, physicians, residents and families are aware of and compliant with the procedures in place to keep everyone safe,” an additional statement from St. Joseph’s Health Care said.

“We are disappointed with the findings from the 2022 ministry inspection results and are implementing additional measures to improve our performance.”

The Free Press was unable to reach Adamyk despite attempts by email, social media and phone.