Sarah Taylor

December 8, 2021

-The Blaze



A Long Island waitress with some serious moxie made headlines after throwing out a male patron for attempting to prey on “underage girls,” she said, according to a report from the New York Post.

What are the details?

A waitress at a Long Island, New York, diner went viral after berating an older man who was reportedly trying to pick up “underage girls” by trying to give them his telephone number and repeatedly staring at them.

Louis Cozzolino, who shot the now-viral cellphone video footage, said that the waitress — identified as Sondra Albert — confronted the customer after witnesses said that he was making inappropriate remarks and repeatedly referred to his server as a “bitch.”

Even after he was moved away from the young girls, Albert reportedly told the lone patron — who remains unnamed at the time of this reporting — to leave the premises because no other staff wanted to wait on him.

“He was being repeatedly rude, calling her a bitch,” Cozzolino recalled. “Sondra is the nicest person ever and for her to get like that, I knew the guy was a prick.”

In one of the videos, Albert can be heard telling the customer, “Honestly, nobody wants to wait on you, we’re asking very nicely so please just leave. … You’re not going to call me a bitch, you’re not going to sit near my boss’ wife, you’re not going to call people a lesbian — you sure as hell ain’t going to look at underage girls.”

The customer responded, “I don’t want to look at underage girls.”

“You’re a pedophile and freak and you deserve to be locked up in Bellevue,” the waitress continued. “And that’s all I gotta say and I’m asking you nicely.”

According to the Post, Albert soon changed her tune and stopped asking nicely.

“I’ll kick your ass … you don’t frighten me for one minute,” she said. “The way you speak about people who are lesbians and young children. … Oh, you’re so frigging full of s**t! Tell it to somebody who cares, you’re not wanted here.”

The outlet reported that the customer left only after police were called — the customer then reportedly left of his own accord before the local department could arrive at the scene.

One witness — and regular patron — told the Post that he’d never seen anyone kicked out of the restaurant before.

“I often go to the Massapequa Diner and I’ve never seen anybody get shouted at or thrown out,” one man told the outlet. “I was just there the Saturday after Thanksgiving for a late-night meal and they couldn’t have been more friendly, even to all the inebriated customers who came in after a long night out.”