January 2, 2022

-Caldron Pool


A man in Melbourne has set himself on fire in front of horrified onlookers over oppressive Covid restrictions and vaccination mandates.

The incident, which occurred around 8pm on Saturday near Church St in Richmond, was captured on video by witnesses and soon after shared across social media.

Police and firefighters, with the aid of about five members of the public, managed to rescue the man and extinguish the fire before he was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

“His skin was burning,” a bystander told The Herald Sun.

“He was off his face screaming about mandates.”

Another witness said the man intentionally set himself on fire and had poured gasoline on himself and his car.

“He was screaming about mandates,” the witness said. “He was screaming ‘no vax ID’ and throwing books.”

What’s clear is the one thing that’s almost entirely absent from the discussion of ‘public health’ is any mention of the mental and psychological toll these restrictions have taken on the public.

In our efforts to preserve the body, we’re torturing and inflicting the mind.

What we must remember here is that many of the casualties of these mandates are losing careers they’ve dedicated their lives to establishing. Years in university, years working their way up the ladder, only to have that ripped out from under them over an impotent vaccine.

And let’s not forget the psychological impact of friends, family, churches, and social clubs ostracising people due to the media and government’s relentless fear campaign.

How many individuals were excluded from Christmas celebrations because our leaders have convinced the public to equate “unvaccinated” with “infected”?

How many sat alone at home during New Years’, watching on as their friends and family shared photos of their celebrations on social media?

How many have been turned away from cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, and treated as unclean because they do not have the papers necessary to gain access to those things reserved for society’s privileged?

The fact is, our governments and media have waged a psychological campaign against the people to pressure, coerce, and “incentivize” an action many would have otherwise not taken. You’re only allowed to be treated as an equal, you’re only capable of rising to the highest tier of society, you’re only permitted to maintain your employment, friendships, and family if you take the vaccine, once, twice–no, thrice, maybe more.

In that environment, many will cave. They’ll comply to regain some normalcy. But there will be some that won’t. And sadly, among them will be those who eventually snap. So, counter that campaign of fear and coercion by checking on your friends and family daily, especially those that our leaders want to make feel alienated and isolated from society.