by Sputnik

July 17, 2021



On 12 July, French President Macron announced the tightening of anti-coronavirus measures across the country, with all health workers being required to get vaccinated and citizens having to provide so-called health passports to visit leisure and cultural venues.

Watch a live broadcast from Paris, where activists are rallying on Saturday, 17 July, against tougher COVID-19 measures earlier announced by President Emmanuel Macron.

Called by the leader of ‘The Patriots’ movement, Florian Philippot, the demonstration is being held under the slogan ‘For the Liberty’.

This comes after last week, Macron announced that vaccination against COVID-19 will become mandatory for all health workers in France. The president urged them to get vaccinated by mid-September.

Apart from that, so-called health passports will be required to visit bars, restaurants, as well as cultural venues starting from 21 July. As far as PCR tests are concerned, they will no longer be free starting from autumn unless prescribed by a doctor.