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August 10, 2021

-Legal Insurrection


He actually had a sliding scale for pricing, depending on which grade you wanted. Unreal.

The College Fix reports:

$500 for an A? Baltimore professor sentenced in bribery scheme

A math professor who taught at Baltimore City Community College and served on the faculty senate’s ethics committee has pleaded guilty to selling grades and cheat codes to hundreds of students, over an eight-year period.

He will serve one year in jail, of a 10-year sentence, and pay a $60,000 fine, the New York Times reported.

Professor Edward Ennels taught at the community college over a 15-year period. From 2013 to 2020, prosecutors charged that he sold 694 online “access codes” to students at approximately $90 a pop, for a haul of over $62,000.

These codes “enabled students to view instructional material and complete assignments” without putting in the work to acquire the knowledge.

In 2020, Ennels tried something new:

Over the course of seven months last year, Mr. Ennels, 45, solicited bribes from 112 students, and received 10 payments from nine students, totaling $2,815, the Maryland attorney general, Brian E. Frosh, said in a statement on Thursday.

The pricing scheme for grades on a sliding scale from C to B to A was $150 to $250 to $500. Ennels solicited these bribes using what the Maryland attorney general characterized as an “elaborate scheme.” Here’s how it worked:

In March 2020, Mr. Ennels sent an email using one of his aliases, “Bertie Benson,” to another of his aliases, “Amanda Wilbert,” prosecutors said in a statement. In the email, “Benson” offered to complete “Wilbert’s” math assignments, guaranteeing her an A for $300, prosecutors said.

Then, as “Wilbert,” Mr. Ennels forwarded that email to 112 students enrolled in a class that he was teaching…