By Jack Gournell

Published:March 28, 2022



Missouri’s legislature is set to consider legislation to curtail discrimination by banks against companies that are involved in the manufacture or sale or firearms.

SB 1048, is known as the Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination (FIND) Act, and is sponsored by Republican State Sen. Rick Brattin, Breitbart reports.

The bill is modeled after other state FIND acts, and specifically targets banks attempting to do business with government entities.

The bill’s summary section reads: “This act provides that when a public entity enters into a contract with a company, as defined in the act, the company must have a written verification that it does not have a practice or policy that discriminates against a firearm entity or firearm trade association.”

Arizona is considering similar legislation this week, according to Breitbart, and other states have previously taken up FIND legislation, including Texas, which already has passed a bill, and others.

The bills come in response to anti-gun advocates who have shifted focus after their failure to enact restrictive gun laws at the national level. Among their new tactics are to pursue banks and other entities not to work with businesses involved with firearms.

That action has left gun shops and other such businesses unable in some cases to get loans, have bank accounts, or to process credit card purchases, AmmoLand Sporting News reports. While FIND laws don’t prohibit banks from continuing their actions, they do stop any banks that use the practice from working with government entities in a state.