Montana Latest State to Establish Second Amendment Protections

April 28, 2021

-The New American


An argument can easily be made that no better gun and ammunition salesmen exist than Democrats and leftist policies, as reports and data supporting that notion abound.

When Democrats occupy the White House, gun and ammo sales skyrocket. This has been as reliable as Yellowstone’s famously punctual geyser, Old Faithful.

But when it comes to firearm-sales numbers, Joe Biden has proven to be head and shoulders above his comrades. His anti-gun rhetoric has not only emptied ammo shelves and gun racks across the country, but it has driven states and municipalities to enact iron-clad gun protections unlike anything that happened under Barack Obama or Bill Clinton. Biden’s constant droning on about the need for gun control is sure to serve as assurance that no ammo manufacturer will have to decline employees’ overtime requests.

On Friday, Montana joined the growing list of states and municipalities taking steps to nullify within their boundaries any potential new federal gun-control laws.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, a gun owner and avid hunter, signed House Bill 258, which prohibits police officers, state employees, and employees of any political subdivision of the state from enforcing, assisting in the enforcement of, or otherwise cooperating in the enforcement of any new ‘federal ban’ on firearms, magazines, or ammunition.

Montana has joined Nebraska, Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Idaho, and Wyoming in taking a stand against Biden’s proposed overreach. And those are just the states in which gun nullification bills have been signed into law. By the time the smoke clears, there’s no telling what the final tally will be. Texas is projected to join the club shortly. There, House Bill 2622 and its companion, Senate Bill 541, are close to passing both state houses. And Texas Governor Greg Abbott hasn’t been shy that he has no trepidation about signing such legislation. There are also gun-control nullification bills moving through the legislatures in Missouri and Arkansas.

The new Montana law is the latest pro-gun legislation to come out of the state’s Republican majorities in both houses and the first Republican governor in 16 years. Earlier in the year, Gianforte signed a law that allows law-abiding gun owners to carry concealed firearms without a license and carry guns on university campuses. In November, Montana Republicans swept all major state races and are now passing pro-gun legislation that had been shot down by the previous governor, Democrat Steve Bullock. Governor Gianforte — notorious for body-slamming a news reporter in 2017 — soundly defeated longtime Montana Democrat and former Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney in November.

But Republican governors are not necessary for Americans who want to ensure that their Second Amendment-protected rights will not be infringed. In states run by Democrats, with little chance of Republicans gaining power, citizens have pressured local officials to implement gun-control nullification measures. In Illinois, 64 of the state’s 102 counties have now declared themselves to be “Second Amendment sanctuaries” for law-abiding gun owners. Furthermore, as reported by The New American, counties in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, and New York have passed similar resolutions. More than half of Washington’s 39 counties have pledged not to enforce the state’s new gun restrictions. In Oregon, eight counties have passed Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances confirming county sheriffs’ power to determine which of the state’s laws to enforce, or not to enforce.

Legislation to nullify unconstitutional federal laws is gaining steam in state legislatures across the United States, thanks especially to a federal government considered by many as the most left-wing the country has ever had.

As the feds increasingly ignore the Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees, state legislators are realizing the importance of nullification, outlined in Article VI of the U.S. Constitution.

Patriots need to continue urging their legislators to take action and nullify all unconstitutional laws.


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