June 4, 2021
A judge is set to decide whether Edmonton, Alberta, music teacher Alyssa Tungul is guilty of sexually assaulting a student, or if the student, in fact, sexually assaulted her, the CBC reports.

Tungul has been charged with sexual assault and unlawful touching of a student in one of the music teacher’s classes.

The teacher allegedly sexually assaulted a 15-year-old boy between June 1 and November 30, 2016.

At the time the music teacher was 26 years old.

In Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench on Monday, Justice Susan Bercov heard closing arguments from the Crown and defence.

Judge to decide sex assault case against suspended Edmonton junior high music teacher


The identity of the alleged victim, who is now 20, has been shielded due to his age at the time of the incidents in question.

During the trial, Alyssa Tungul admitted that during her tenure as a music teacher, she had sexual intercourse with the teenage boy once in her cousin’s basement.

However, she insisted that the boy forced himself on her out of the blue and that she did not consent to the act.

CTV News reports that the former student testified that Alyssa Tungul sexually abused him multiple times.

Her former student has alleged the two had sex and oral sex in 2016 on multiple occasions with most of them occuring inside her vehicle while it was parked in public places including alleys, a Dairy Queen parking lot and under a bridge.

Closing arguments conclude in trial for teacher accused of sexually assaulting her former student


Justice Susan Bercov, who has overseen the case against the music teacher, will issue her decision at a hearing scheduled for June 25.

Alyssa Tungul’s attorney, Brian Vail, has denied the former student’s assertions that she repeatedly defiled him.

Vail insisted that instead, Tungul maintained a platonic relationship with the teen after he graduated from school, as she did quite innocently with many other former pupils.

The Edmonton Journal reports that the teen communicated with her via Snapchat.

The student reached out to her on Snapchat, and she occasionally shared song lyrics, sheet music and books with him, including a book of poetry.


Alyssa Tungul also reportedly counseled the boy from the music teacher’s class about his academic struggles and other personal woes.

The former student insisted during the trial that it was Tungul who initiated the sex on the basement couch.

Tungul testified that despite the fact that she feared him in the wake of what she said was a sexual assault on his part, she continued to see the teen because she didn’t want to “piss him off” and lead him to go to the police.

Knewz previously reported that the teen said he had also been abused by his mother.

He did not come forward for two years, ultimately revealing he had been abused to his mother during an argument. “I don’t want anything,” David said to a detective, expressing he didn’t want Tungul to go to jail or get fired. “I just want to do the right thing.”

Music teacher on trial for having sex with her teen boy student, taking his virginity, claims HE ‘forced her into sexual liaisons’