By Shipwreckedcrew

May 9, 2021

-Red State


This video popped up on Twitter during the day on Sunday. From the accents and other objective indicators — like license plates you can see on the cars — this seems to have happened in Great Britain somewhere.

That’s where King Arthur and his Round Table Dudes made this kind of stuff famous, right?

This does not appear to be any type of “LARPing” episode — at least not based on the way it ends (no one dies …I don’t think).

But there is some blood spilled along the way, and if either combatant had been a bit more proficient in striking blows with their swords, the images might be viewed a bit differently. Both need to spend a bit more time watching Forged in Fire to pick up some tips.

The guy who was initially unarmed seems to have arrived in the pickup truck with the other gentlemen, as they provided him with a machete so he is better able to participate.

If you don’t bring a gun to a sword fight, it is highly advisable to at least have a sword for the swordfight — and don’t leave it behind in the truck.

Later, after the other combatant is down and being pummeled, one of the guys from the truck comes in and lands some kicks to the torso and head of the man down.

Before that scrum, I think the play-by-play commentary would have included a few references to there being a “fleche,” a “flunge,” a “beat,” a “parry,” and a “riposte.”

But I might have missed one or two others. Compare your review of the video to this.

Private ownership of firearms in Great Britain is greatly restricted because such ownership is considered a privilege and not a “right,” as is the case in the United States by virtue of the Second Amendment. I’m not certain if that makes sword-play such as this more common or not in Great Britain, but this certainly is entertaining in a macabre sort of way.

Fortunately, they don’t celebrate “Birthing Peoples’ Day” in Great Britain on the same day we do here in the US, or this could have been a painful memory for some Birth Person somewhere.

Today is as good a Sunday as any other Sunday in the UK for a good old-fashioned swordfight, so “On Guard!!!!!”

Or, as they say on the Continent —

En Garde!!!!!

And Happy Mother’s Day.

PS:  This episode brings back memories of a great scene in one of my all time favorite movies:

“Guns or Knives Butch.”