November 3, 2021

-Global News

The Newfoundland and Labrador government is confirming that a “cyberattack” has crippled its health network’s data centre.

During a media briefing today, Health Minister John Haggie wouldn’t provide details on the type of the attack or whether data had been lost.

He says government has been advised by cybersecurity experts to remain mum on most details, adding that those involved in the attack may be monitoring what authorities are saying about the situation.

The IT trouble was first discovered on Saturday and has since led to the cancellation of thousands of medical appointments across the province and forced some local health systems to revert to paper.

It was initially thought the province’s western health authority had largely been spared, but Haggie said today that is not the case and its system has now been taken offline.

Pat Hepditch, a systems expert with the province’s health information centre, says a restoration process is underway, though he adds the full extent of the damage is still unknown and it’s not clear when things will return to normal.