by staff writer

October 25, 2021

-National Pulse


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has admitted, on video, that a new system for vaccine certification in New Zealand will definitively create two separate classes of people in her once-free nation.

Asked by a corporate news reporter if she is aware that her decision is awarding different rights to vaccinated people and not to unvaccinated people, cultivating a stark two-tier social system, Ardern stunningly replied, “That is what it is, so, yep.”

Her response to the questions over creating a segregated society were even followed by a smirk, as visible in the video, below:

The new plan was revealed at a press conference last Friday, where the New Zealand PM further stated that 90 percent of New Zealanders needed to be fully vaccinated in every region of the country before the loosening of restrictions can commence.

At present, those unvaccinated in the island nation are restricted to gatherings of 10 people or less. The unvaccinated are also unable to be in close contact with the wider population in places like restaurants, bars, and gyms.

This decision on the part of New Zealand government comes in stark juxtaposition to other Commonwealth leaders, such as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. On the same day as the announcement of the two-tier society system in New Zealand, PM Boris Johnson stated that a new COVID-19 lockdown was “not on the cards.”

Johnson went on to say that there would be no need to introduce mask-mandates, work-from-home orders and vaccine passports at this time. However, reports continue to suggest that the UK is contemplating a similar vaccine-passport system to places like New Zealand, New York, California, and more.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Johnson shocked many by publicly admitting that COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus:

The statement was caught on camera and circulated throughout the internet.

Despite the high-number of vaccinated people in the UK, COVID-19 rates continue to soar, suggesting that Johnson’s comments are correct, despite the efforts made by medical bodies to shy away from this fact.