Paul Joseph Watson

September 22, 2021

-Summit News


Orange vest construction workers marched for a third day in Melbourne, Australia against mandatory vaccination rules, with one video showing a protester profusely bleeding after police cracked his skull.

After authorities shut down the construction industry in Melbourne for two weeks in an effort to force workers to get vaccinated, anger only escalated, with the orange vests seen engaged in numerous clashes with police.

The demonstrations continued for a third day, with numerous clips illustrating how irate the mandatory vaccine rule has made the workers as well as the brutality of the police response.

“My skull is cracked,” said one man who said his name was Kyle Mitchell as he lie bleeding on the ground.

Police arrested a mother merely for carrying a protest sign while her crying child clung on to her.

Riot cops threw another woman to the ground.

Another clip shows a female protester crying as she is dragged away by police.

Another video purports to show police sending in agent provocateurs to stir up unoptical violence.

Police fired rubber bullets at the demonstrators.

One protester carried a sign saying “Andrews is the virus,” in reference to Dan Andrews, the Premier of Victoria.

Another demonstrator asserted that the construction workers will never comply with communism.

Journalists who have amplified the government’s lockdown narrative for over a year aren’t being treated with much respect.

One of the protesters’ favorite chants is “every day,” as they vow to continue their resistance.

As we document in the video below, the uprising has hallmarks of the Yellow Vest revolt in France given the demographic of the protesters and their distinctive clothing.