by Steve Watson

September 6, 2021



Police and firefighters in Oregon are suing the governor and the state after it was mandated that state workers must get COVID vaccines.

KOIN-TV reports that the lawsuit was brought by the Oregon Fraternal Order of Police, as well as state troopers and firefighters at the Kingsley Field Air National Guard Base.

Gov. Kate Brown recently mandated vaccines for workers, as well as instituting a fresh mask mandate, which was roundly criticised for going against logic and science.

The police and firefighters want to see Brown’s executive order deemed “unenforceable” by a judge, noting that there are statutes in place to protect workers rights and that vaccine mandates will lead to wrongful dismissals.

Last week an Oregon trooper was placed on leave for posting a video to social media vowing to defy the mandate.

“I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, to protect the freedom of the people who pay my salary,” said Zachary Kowing in the video, adding “I do not work for my governor but for them.”