August 16, 2021

-Western Standard


Federal Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole announced if elected prime minister he will require vaccine passports of all federal employees and for interprovincial travel, however daily rapid testing will be allowed for those without one.

Under O’Toole’s plan, federal employees who cannot or will not provide a vaccine passport would be required to take and pass a rapid test every single day that they attend their place of work.

Canadians traveling wishing Canada would similarly be required to provide a vaccine passport to board a bus, train, plane, or ship, or else take a rapid test.

“These are reasonable precautions,” said O’Toole who refused to answer repeated questions from the media on whether all CPC candidates have been vaccinated.

Trudeau has said he will impose vaccine passports and order all federal employees to get their jabs.

“Vaccines are a safe and effective tool to stop the spread of COVID-19,” O’Toole said in a release.

“Canada’s Conservatives have been fighting hard to ensure Canadians have access to vaccines, and to hold the government to account when it dropped the ball.

“Canadians want a reasonable and balanced approach that protects their right to make personal health decisions and the need to keep everyone safe.

“What they do not want is the politicization of the pandemic. Vaccines are not a political issue. To try and make them one is dangerous and irresponsible.”

But O’Toole’s statement on a modified form of vaccine passports has the potential to become a major political issue, with fierce resistance from his party’s base of support.

“We should be united on this, not divided and Conservatives will not engage in this attempt to drive a wedge between Canadians.

“Justin Trudeau may want our politics to be American based on the small differences that divide us.”