By Alicia Powe

September 27, 2021

-The Gateway Pundit


Business owners in New York City are banding together to end COVID tyranny and fight back the government-sanctioned segregation ushered in by unconstitutional vaccine mandates and in a class-action federal lawsuit that will likely be litigated in the Supreme Court.

On August 17, De Blasio signed Emergency Executive Order 225, mandating all indoor establishments “not permit a patron, full- or part-time employee, intern, volunteer, or contractor to enter covered premises without displaying proof of vaccination and identification bearing the same identifying information as the proof of vaccination.”

Those lacking proof of a first jab or negative test result are shut out of theaters, bakeries, coffee shops, concert venues, sports arenas, stadiums, zoos, arcades, aquariums, restaurants, bars and gyms, while falsifying a “sacred” vaccine passport will be penalized with a 7-year prison sentence.

Members of the Independent Restaurant Owners Association Rescue,  a group comprised of over 200 business owners that formed at the start of the “pandemic” in March 2020, are suing New York City Mayor De Blasio and the city over the decree, in a lawsuit their attorney contends will be the first domino towards ending covid tyranny nationwide.


“We’ve been fighting with the governor and the mayor from the beginning, trying to get us open, get people to be allowed back in here,” Alison Marchese, co-owner of Max’s Es-Ca Italian restaurant told the Gateway Pundit. “I don’t know any restaurant owner who’s been sleeping at night.

“This last mandate is, again, over the top for us. We definitely don’t see how we can be responsible for checking people’s IDs and vaccination cards. We don’t want to be separating our customers telling people they can’t come in.

“It’s a lose-lose for us. We are making people angry either way – if we don’t check for vaccines people are mad at us as if we don’t care about the wellbeing of the customer. If we do, they’re labeling us as communists. So, there is no way we can win with this.”

The “nightmare” legislation weaponizes the private sector against the nine million residents of the city who remain unvaccinated, forcing restaurant owners to demand masks and turn away those who cannot produce papers or go bankrupt, explains Max Calicchio, Marchese’s business partner.

After struggling during the lockdown, Calicchio fears small businesses fear will not survive this latest blast of tyranny.

“The stress levels that this brings to all of us is just to the moon.” Calicchio told the Gateway Pundit. ” Trying to follow these mandates, going through 2 years of COVID with these restrictions, it really bleeds you out,” he continued. “We were finding a way to not be compliant and avoid fines. Our attorney has told us since advised us to try to be compliant because it would hurt our lawsuit if we did not.

The owners of the Staten-Island based Italian restaurant urged patrons who are fed up with the passport mandate to please understand “it’s not the restaurant’s fault.”

“Unfortunately, right now restaurants are being put in a tough situation,” Calicchio continued. “We are just trying to get through this hopefully we’ll have this mandated stopped. We are just trying not to be closed down. Please have some patience while we try to get this resolved.”

“The people are right,” Marchese added. They are flipping out on the owners. They’re right — They upset they can’t eat there — it’s crazy.”

Calicchio and Marchese are imploring all restaurant owners in New York City to become plaintiffs in the lawsuit and join them in the fight to restore freedom before it’s too late.

“We definitely need the support,” Marchese said. “We are looking for help. We definitely would love restaurant [owners] to join us. Anybody can join with us.”

If more plaintiffs join the lawsuit and support IROAR’s legal defense fund is able to amass, the higher the likelihood of winning the case, contends Ron Berrutti, the corporate litigation attorney representing IROAR.

“There is a necessity to pay legal fees and there is also a necessity to protect these people against the fines that are going to be coming,” Berutti told the Gateway Pundit. “This really is a national case. It is the first domino, we hope, in what is going to be the end of covid tyranny in this state – this country. If we can push this one domino down, the next one is going to fall, the next one is going to fall and the next one is going to fall.

De Blasio and the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates, which specifically target minorities, are a reinstitution of Jim Crow-era-like subjugation, an overreach that will be ruled void under the Fourteenth Amendment and Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, Berutti argued.

“Since Jan 2021, the mayor has made a substantial effort to try to get African Americans and minorities vaccinated – they spent $125 million targeting African Americans and Hispanics. It really didn’t move the needle that much. Only 41 percent of African Americans in the city have at least one jab,” he said. “The mayor has specifically targeted African Americans and he is telling 59 percent, a substantial majority, that in 2021 they cannot go into a restaurant and sit at the lunch counter and that’s a real slap in the face.

The mainstream media in coordination with Big Tech are censoring evidence of the abnormalities caused by spike proteins contained in the Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca jabs – including strokes, blood clots, excessive bleeding, heart palpitations, myocarditis, needle-like pain in their limbs and paralysis.

But at least 70 people are dying a day from the effects of the experimental mRNA injections, making the COVID injection the most detrimental vaccine in recorded history, according to the Center for Disease Control’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.













While the government disregards the constitution with vaccine mandates using the guise of Emergency Use Authorization, COVID is no longer an emergency, Berutti argues.

“There is no emergency anymore. Today, in New York City, there were I believe there were 8 covid deaths, 135 hospitalizations and 1300 positive tests – 3.5 percent that was tested, tested positive – a very small number. To the vaccinated, there’s no danger, according to the mayor’s own statistics,” he said. “It’s our plan to push these dominos down, starting right here in New York City. This cannot go on. We cannot continue to be a free nation if this is going to go on. We are going to fight like hell to stop that from happening.”