Roberto Wakerell-Cruz
May 28, 2021
-The Post Millennial
Over $3 million was budgeted by Cabinet yesterday to begin the regulation of YouTube, reports Blacklock’s Reporter. The budgeting was granted, despite the bill not yet being passed.
“We have worked hard for months to get Bill C-10 passed,” Minister Guilbeault told the Commons. “We have stood up for it while the Conservative Party waged a scare campaign on this issue.”

The controversial bill seeks to potentially drastically change the way that Canadians’ internet experience works, with websites being forced to be tailored to content deemed “Canadian.”

No equivalent law exists in any other G7 country.

The bill hasn’t gone without its opponents. Conservative MP Rachael Harder called the bill “sneaky, controlling, and wrong.”

“Why is the Prime Minister insisting on regulating the internet?” asked Harder. “Bill C-10 remains consistent with the Charter’s guarantee of freedom of expression,” replied Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The bill would likely create “winners and losers based on unknown criteria,” looking to create sweeping changes to everything from Facebook, Google, and Twitter, to sports websites and music streaming sites.

A vote is pending on a Conservative motion to exempt user-uploaded social media content altogether.