September 26, 2021

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The Muslims world aligned with Hitler and the Nazis during World War. This is nothing new. What is new is that Democrat party switched sides, post 9/11 – surrender to the worst attack on American soil.

Nazi flag raised near Hebron, IDF takes it down

A Nazi flag was put up in a Palestinian town near Hebron near an IDF post and was taken down by soldiers.

By: J Post, September 25, 2021:

The IDF took down a Nazi flag bearing a swastika after it was hoisted by unknown perpetrators in the Palestinian town of Beit Ummar near Hebron on Saturday.

Video reportedly from the scene showed an IDF soldier shooting down the flag that seems to have been hung on electrical lines. The flag was reportedly hung near an IDF post.
The incident comes about a month after Palestinian rioters placed a flaming wooden Star of David with a swastika inside it near the Palestinian town of Beita and near the evacuated West Bank outpost of Evyatar.
“The young men demonstrating against the illegal settlements are heroes,” said Mohammed Zain, a local activist from the Nablus area, at the time.
“We will continue the peaceful protests until we foil the Israeli government’s plan to seize our lands. What happened on Saturday is not because we are against the Jewish religion, or because we support Hitler. We just wanted to send a message that there isn’t much of a difference between Israel and the Nazis.”
Officials at the Beita Municipality refused to comment at the time on the burning of the Star of David with a swastika but several activists from the town defended the action and accused Israel of perpetrating “war crimes” against Beita’s residents.