Shannon Dawson

November 10, 2021

-Yahoo Life


Talk about a vaccine with benefits!

A European brothel is offering free entry to their kinky “sauna club” for patrons who get vaccinated at their onsite clinic, The Daily Mail reported.

The Funpalast brothel in Vienna said it hopes the initiative will help drive up their clientele numbers as low vaccination rates have caused the establishment’s revenue to decline in recent months.

“Due to the pandemic, we have registered a 50 percent decrease [in clients], with this initiative we hope that the number of customers will rise again,” the brothel said in a statement.

Now you’re probably wondering what those lucky patrons get in return for their good deed?

The Funpalast brothel said it will offer their newly vaccinated customers a free voucher worth a 30-minute pleasured-filled session of sexual fun with “the lady of their choice.”

Vaccines will be offered all throughout November, and all are encouraged to come in and get their jabs.

The brothel’s unconventional move comes after Austria announced their 2 G Rule plan which will require all residents and tourists to show proof of vaccination at restaurants, hotels and large public event spaces, Berlin.De noted.

Only 65 percent of Austrians are fully vaccinated. Those numbers have significantly impacted businesses that are struggling to recover as new cases continue to rise throughout the country. Austria has reported 635 new cases over the last seven days.

According to Austria’s Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, the country will further implement the mandated law by enforcing police checks to make sure everyone is following protocol. Austrian’s who disobey the rule could get hit with a fine of up to 500 euros, while businesses could be fined up to 30,000 euros.

‘For those who keep to all the measures, it’s more than unfair if there are people who think they can simply circumvent or even fool health authorities, the health ministry, and experts’ guidelines,’ Nehammer added.

The new plan is expected to take four weeks to officially go into effect as the government hopes to give people more time to get vaccinated. However stricter guidelines could loom for Austria’s unvaccinated population if COVID-19 cases continue to grow.