Karin Larsen

Published:November 8, 2021



Two Vancouver police officers who were captured on video posing with a dead body and snapping photos have been found guilty of discreditable conduct.

According to the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner, the two male officers have been suspended for an undisclosed period of time.

In February, videographer Zachary Ratcliffe came upon the scene while walking by Third Beach in Stanley Park, where a body had washed up on the shore.

He told CBC he started videoing after hearing laughter and seeing the officers taking and comparing photos on their phones.

Ratcliffe said he posted the video to social media because he felt it needed to be seen.

“I think that the [Vancouver Police Department (VPD)] should be concerned that officers feel that emboldened to act in such a way that clearly shows no respect for whoever this was,” he said at the time.

The VPD said the two officers were on the scene to secure it until the coroner arrived.

The officers were reassigned to desk duty during the OPCC investigation.

The VPD has not said for how long the two officers have been suspended.

c. CBC