September 3, 2021

-Liberty Daily


Today’s Cancel Culture Warriors are the dumbest people in America. That’s saying a lot considering around 60 million Americans voted for Joe Biden, but the cream of that particular crop are the cancelers. They have the deadly combination of a sense of power and a sense of privilege. It’s a concoction that makes already-dumb people do monumentally dumb things.

The latest episode of “Who Wants to Be Canceled Today” starred pro-life Libertarian comedian Josh Denny. After posting some funny yet offensive Tweets following the Supreme Court decision to allow the Texas abortion ban, critics hounded him like they would a former Trump staffer. They made threats. They made accusations. Many of them — at least 10,000 according to Denny — said they were going to get his show on Food Network canceled.

His thread regarding the threats reveals the punchline:

Despite attempts to squeeze cancel juice out of a dried lemon, Food Network did their part to appease the unhinged crowd. They declared that they had already parted ways with Denny and deplatformed him completely. A check on YouTube revealed they had, indeed, deleted most of his content. The page on their website for his show, Ginormous Food, is blank.

Denny replied to their unnecessary “re-cancellation” as only Denny could:

Cancel culture jumped the shark long ago. Their attempts to cancel an already-cancelled show is social media’s version of beating a dead horse. But hey, at least had a few laughs along the way.