By David Propper

Published:June 20, 2022

-New York Post


A Canadian professor went on an unhinged Twitter rant as he attempted to get a flight attendant in trouble for not wearing a mask aboard the flight he was on.

Amir Attaran, part of the University of Ottawa’s Faculties of Law and School of Epidemiology and Public Health, called out the unsuspecting flight attendant, United Airlines and the United States over coronavirus policies in a series of social media posts over the weekend.

Attaran’s first tweet posted photos of the United flight attendant without a mask, which is required for all flights out of Canada.

“Hey @United, why are you breaking the law? Masks are required on all flights out of Canada. Your flight attendant isn’t wearing one!” he tweeted as he also included government agencies and Canadian news outlets.

United Airlines, in a tweet, replied, “Hi Amir, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ve informed the appropriate teams for further review.”

Later Attaran tweeted that he had a “friendly chat” with the previously unmasked flight attendant, “and found she is blameless because @United misinforms its crew.

“WTF, United? Look here: no flights leaving Canada, masks are mandatory the ‘entire travel journey’. FOLLOW THE LAW!”

The COVID-crazed professor wasn’t done yet.

“United should be forbidden from flying to Canada—immediately,” he tweeted, while tagging the country’s minister of transport. “Our country, our rules. Even the supervisor I talked with in Chicago didn’t understand Canadian rules apply to flights departing Canada.”

The next day after an outpouring of critical tweets directed at him, he turned his ire to Americans and the Republican Party, mocking the country over its COVID death rate.

“Don’t like Canada’s laws? Then keep your American companies in your own country,” he tweeted. “Our country, our rules. That’s why your COVID death rate is triple ours, a–holes.”

“See Americans, you get crazy mad about COVID safety and attack science—and then you die. You drank the GOP Kool Aid and it’s mass suicide basically.”

Then he took aim at America’s gun policies.

“Oh, and if you Republican Reptiles dislike Canada’s COVID safety laws, you’ll TOTALLY HATE our gun safety laws—if you’re not already shot and dead,” he tweeted. “Cuz Yankees murder their own far more than Canadians. Even kids. It’s awful. I’m so glad I emigrated from California to Canada.”

Attaran was apparently undeterred by the cascade of criticism he received, pushing back against anyone who accused him of being a tattletale or being nasty to a service worker.

“Oh my god you were that kid in school weren’t you?” one YouTuber tweeted at him.

Attaran’s reply: “Sure was. Went to university and did great. You were that kid behind the McDonald’s counter weren’t you?”

Another account tweeted on Father’s Day, “Your children are ashamed of you.”

But Attaran quipped, “My father day’s gift was lovely. Sorry, dude.”

He was still tweeting out how the US dealt with COVID as recently as Monday night.