By Steve Straub

February 23, 2022

-The Federalist Papers


Prominent Arizona Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego tweeted a call for seizing the trucks of American freedom convoy protesters who are headed to our nation’s capitol and then giving the confiscated property to businesses looking to grow.

In response to the following news headline from Jesse Rodriguez of NBC News Washington: “Trucker convoy could shut down DC Beltway tomorrow.” Rep. Gallego tweeted “Perfect time to impound and give the trucks to small trucking companies looking to expand their business.”

The NBC News Washington report said, in part:

“Bob Bolus, who owns a towing company in Scranton, Pennsylvania, said he and a convoy of truckers plan to shut down the Beltway Wednesday.

“We’re challenging the high prices of fuel,” he said.

Bolus said they are also protesting vaccine mandates, critical race theory and people in jail facing charges related to the Capitol insurrection. He said he respects the truckers protesting in Canada.

Bolus said the convoy will first pass through Pennsylvania’s capitol in Harrisburg first before coming to D.C., and he advised that people who use the Beltway may want to stay away.”

As we all suspected many Democrats are looking at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s draconian crackdown on trucker and their supporters in his country as a model of what they might be able to get away with here.

These Democrats should really think long and hard about this because Americans will not take it as easily as their Canadian counterparts did.

In this country we the people are sovereign, not the government and Democrats, their media allies and the federal government better get this right, or there will be hell to pay.

What Trudeau and his thugs did in Canada will not work here in the USA and Biden and his buddies better not even try it.