By Western Standard

November 2, 2021

-Western Standard


About 30 anti-masking protesters showed up at the home of Grande Prairie UCP MLA Tracy Allard’s home on the weekend, with one carrying a model of a hanging scaffold complete with a noose.

The model scaffolding was adorned with the words “no to masks, end the gov’t, hang ‘em all.”

Allard wasn’t at home at the time of the protest.

“After about 90 minutes the crowd dispersed, and the police left. What was left behind, however, was more chilling …. a stand with a noose declaring ‘no to masks, end the gov’t, hang ‘em all.’ This is a shocking act of aggression, a clear threat, and a sad punctuation mark on the polarization and anger in our society,” Allard said in a Facebook posting.

“Beyond my outrage and my shock, I feel a deep sadness. I feel heartbreak … because what I see behind this act is a growing fear that is gripping our community.

“Whether you are terrified to get Covid, uncertain about taking a vaccine, or terrified to lose your job … whether your fear is that you will be judged for your choices or you are clinging to the last few dollars of your savings, it’s clear that people are scared.”

Allard blamed the “seemingly contradictory restrictions imposed by governments” as one of the reasons for citizen angst.

“Challenging days like this demand the rise of wisdom and leadership. I am determined to serve my community and I am determined to listen,” wrote Allard.

“While governments grapple with the greater good, individual circumstances are so diverse that they can’t possibly all be contemplated in restrictions or policy choices. So, people feel trampled, disregarded, and like they don’t matter.