Libby Edmonds

February 15, 2022

-The Post Millennial


Protests outside the Canadian Embassy in New York drew crowds on Tuesday as New Yorkers stated their support for the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy that shut down the Ambassador Bridge and gridlocked Ottawa. Despite the new force being used against their protest, the truckers on Monday said in a press conference that they would “hold the line.”

Footage by Leeroy Press shows protesters outside the Canadian Embassy on Manhattan’s Park Avenue waving American and Canadian flags and showing their support for the protesters against the Trudeau government, which yesterday enacted the Emergencies Act. This was opposed by premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec.

The Prime Minister said that under the Act his government would move to freeze the funds of those who are protesting, as well as revoke their licenses and insurance.

“We will not comply,” the protesters chanted in New York, carrying signs opposing socialism.

Truckers have been staging a protest in Ottawa near Parliament Hill for three weeks, and have stated their intention to stay there until vaccine mandates put in place by Trudeau are lifted. What began as a protest that was opposing mandates specific to their industry has become a global cry for an end to restrictions inspired by the Covid pandemic.