January 25, 2022

-Global News


Two minors have been arrested in Ontario and Quebec on allegations of terrorism, Global News has learned.

In Toronto, a youth was arrested Jan. 14, on a preventive terrorism peace bond and appeared in court Thursday in a case allegedly related to the so-called Islamic State.

Another youth was arrested on a terrorism peace bond Dec. 8, and was released on conditions following a court appearance in Terrebonne, Que., north of Montreal.

Neither can be named because of their ages.

There has been no indication the arrests were related, but they are the latest involving minors facing terrorism allegations.

An RCMP spokesperson said the Toronto Integrated and National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) laid an Information 10 days ago “based on reasonable grounds to fear that a person may commit a terrorist offence.”

“Given that the investigation is ongoing, and it involves a young person, we are not able to release further information at this time.”

Meanwhile in Quebec, a judge “released the young person with numerous conditions and ordered the presence of the young person at the next court date,” a Public Prosecution Service of Canada spokesperson said.

The next court date is March 28.

Police have been using terrorism peace bonds to manage suspects they allege may commit terrorism offences.

Conditions of the peace bonds generally include a ban on travel, curbs on internet use, and sometimes ankle bracelets.

But suspects are not charged with terrorism offences.

In addition to the two youths, the RCMP is currently seeking a peace bond against a woman who returned to Canada in November from a camp for ISIS detainees in Syria.

Her lawyer said in court last Monday she was under investigation for war crimes and terrorism. She has not been charged.

Two Ontario menKevin Omar Mohamed and Daniel Khoshnood, were also placed on terrorism peace bonds after police found Al Qaeda and bomb-making literature on their phones.

Mohamed had just served a prison sentence for terrorism when he was caught in possession of extremist materials. He was seen meeting with Khoshnood, a violent offender also just out of prison.