by Paul Joseph Watson

September 30, 2021



A woman who received a phone call from the CDC’s National Immunization Surveys (NIS) claims she was told she wasn’t on the federal agency’s ‘vaxxed list’ and was subsequently “shamed” and “pressured” into getting the jab.

Yes, really.

Bev Foley posted a screenshot of the phone call record to Facebook showing she had been contacted by the National Immunization Surveys (NIS).

According to this branch of the CDC, “The National Immunization Surveys (NIS) are a group of telephone surveys sponsored and conducted by CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).”

The group says that its function includes “calling cell phone numbers for household interviews with parents or guardians.”

Despite the body’s role supposedly being to carry out voluntary surveys, Foley claims the content of the call she received was far from polite.

When Foley asked the CDC staffer how they knew she was or wasn’t vaccinated, the CDC worker purportedly said that she “wasn’t on the CDC vaxxed list” and that that was the reason for the call.

“So we’re being tracked now, shamed and pressured by phone calls,” states Foley.

According to the CDC itself, there is no national vaccine database in operation.

On its official website, the agency states, “Unfortunately, there is no national organization that maintains vaccination records. The CDC does not have this information. The records that exist are the ones you or your parents were given when the vaccines were administered and the ones in the medical record of the doctor or clinic where the vaccines were given.”

If the details of the call Foley related are true, the CDC does actually have a list of people who have and haven’t been vaccinated and is hiding that fact from the American public.