Updated:July 2, 2022

-Daily Mail


The Bisexual daughter of a Republican Iowa senator has revealed that she cut off her ‘narcissistic’ and ‘abusive’ father after he supported a ban on abortion.

Korynn Dickey, 20, from Iowa City, said she no longer wants to speak to her dad, Adrian Dickey, after he joined 59 other legislators who signed a bill urging Iowa’s Supreme Court to overturn a previous ruling which called abortion a ‘fundamental right.’

She opened up about her decision to end her relationship with her dad to TikTok, after she said he ‘contributed to taking her rights away as a woman.’ has reached out to senator Dickey and to Korynn for comment.

‘I had to cut my dad off,’ she wrote in one video, which quickly went viral after it was posted earlier this week, and has since been viewed more than than 572,000 times.

‘See, I’m a bisexual pisces and he is a Republican state senator who contributed to taking my rights as a woman away and the possibility of me being able to marry the girl of my dreams one day.’

In 2018, the Planned Parenthood v. Reynolds case ruled that every woman had a ‘fundamental right’ to terminate a pregnancy in the state of Iowa, but a new brief signed by 60 officials, including her dad, is trying to revoke it.

While her dad didn’t vote on the recent Roe v. Wade ruling, Korynn said his support on the Iowa brief was ‘enough for her to finally cut him off and no longer claim him as a parent.’

‘[Planned Parenthood v. Reynolds] is demonstrably wrong, so this Court has a duty to overrule it,’ the brief stated.

‘Nothing in Iowa’s Constitution’s text, structure, history, or tradition suggests abortion is a fundamental right.’

Korynn told that her dad, whom she never actually named in her videos or in the interview, was ‘abusive’ to her while she was growing up, which resulted in her developing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

She said she stopped talking to him during her teen years ‘out of fear,’ but let him back in her life in March 2020.

She claimed he then ‘bribed’ her by gifting her a car which he used to ‘maintain control’ over her. But now, she said she is done with him ‘for good.’

‘I’m cutting off my dad for good this time,’ she stated in another TikTok. ‘Of course I still want a dad, but I have cut him off before and nothing has changed. I’m done hoping for change when it is never going to happen.’

She added in a third video, ‘[I know] I’m probably going to get my car taken away since my father purchased it as a bribe tactic (another method a narcissist uses to try to maintain control).

‘I do not have the money to get a new one in order to get to school and work, but I am still fighting for justice and equality.’

‘This isn’t about money, this is about equality. I’m sharing my truth,’ she explained in different video.

Adrian was elected as a member of Iowa’s State Senate on January 27, 2021, and Korynn told DailyDot that she was ‘told to keep her mouth shut’ after he assumed office.

‘When he was elected I was told to keep my mouth shut. I did because at the end of the day, I really hoped he had changed,’ she explained. ‘When the Roe v. Wade came to light, I voiced my concerns and he silenced them.’

She then came out as bisexual to her dad in March 2022, after he supported another bill which banned transgender girls from competing in girls’ school sports.

She explained to the outlet that she shared her sexuality with him because she ‘wasn’t OK with what was happening,’ but he ultimately ‘dismissed’ her.

She added, ‘There’s so much more money and power-driven things he has done. I will likely make more TikToks on them.’

In more TikTok videos, Korynn alleged that her dad used ‘mind games’ and ‘manipulation tactics’ on her throughout her childhood, and told her she was ‘always going to lose.’

‘I spent years hating my body and getting flashbacks of things he did to me in the home I was supposed to feel safe at,’ she continued.

‘The abuse you did made my stronger, it’s my turn to play the game you used to instill fear in me.’

‘Narcissists love power and control. It is no shock he is in office,’ she added in another clip. ‘Who I love is not up for debate and neither is what I do with my own d**n body.’

Many people flooded the comment section of her videos with their support, with one person writing, ‘Stay strong and keep your voice! Don’t ever let him silence it.’

‘Girl, I am so sorry he did that but I’m proud of you and you’re gonna do great things,’ said another person.

Someone else added, ‘I see you and love you so much for the courage this took.’

‘That has to be hard,’ read a fourth comment. ‘I’m so sorry. Just know we are here for you.’

‘I’m proud of you,’ gushed a different supporter. ‘It’s hard cutting a parent off. You go girl! You have every right to stand up against it.’

‘It takes a lot of strength to do this and I really admire you for this,’ said one user.