July 7, 2021

-We Love Trump


I’ve heard a lot of scary music in my time.

I even had a friend whose son liked “Screamo” music, a genre of music that, to me, just sounded like guttural cries of pain and horror.

But this. This is the worst, scariest song I have ever heard.

The San Francisco Gay Men’s choir have a new song where they tell you plainly: “We’ll convert your children. We’re coming for them.”


The first verse of the song goes like this:

You think we’re sinful

You fight against our rights

You say we all lead lives you can’t respect

But you’re just frightened

You think that we’ll corrupt your kids

If our agenda goes unchecked

Funny, just this once, you’re correct.


We’ll convert your children

Happens bit by bit

Quietly and Subtly and

You will barely notice it

You can keep ’em from disco

Warn about SanFrancisco

Make ’em wear pleated pants we don’t care

We’ll convert your children

We’ll make them tolerant and fair.

Ah, that last line is supposed to make me feel bad for fearing this song. I don’t feel bad.

The not-so-subtle innuendo is evident.

We are changing the culture and there is nothing you can do. 

If you can stand watching the song beyond the second verse, the song then bursts into a rousing bridge with the entire chorus singing:

We’re coming for them

We’re coming for your children

We’re coming for them

We’re coming for your children.

After that it’s something, something about your children caring about justice, and then they hit you with it:

The Gay agenda is coming home

The Gay agenda is here!


They’re not hiding it anymore.